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Self care made easy!

Hello friends!

I wanted to follow up on my post about the importance of self care with some concrete examples. If you haven’t read it yet, you can do so here. It was all about the fact that if you take great care of yourself, life will take great care of you! It is not hard work that gets us to where we want to be and what we want to have and how we want to feel, but the habit of doing small and large things that will nourish ourselves everyday. This is especially important as a pregnant woman and mother! Don't forget that you can't draw water from an empty well! Happy mothers make for happy babies! To make this easier for you, I have decided to provide you with ideas here! Many of these practices are my very own that I use to find back into my center and just be magical me. :) To make choosing what you do on a given day easier, I’ve divided the ideas into categories, depending on how much time you have. If you have already made your own list of enjoyable activities, you can add these suggestions to it! Here we go:

5 minutes break:

  • Sit and do nothing. Amazing clarity will follow. (One of my favourites!)
  • Put on your favourite song and sing along. It will sure make you feel good!
  • Watch a video on youtube that makes you laugh hard! :D
  • Do a grounding exercise. You will feel stronger and enlivened! Not sure how to? Read on here.

10 minutes to myself:

  • Put on some music and dance. Go wild and see how much more cheerful you’ll feel!
  • Prepare yourself a special healthy drink or snack and enjoy it in all calm and with awareness.
  • Do pranayama breathing to calm your mind and recharge. Not sure how to? Read on here.


15 minutes time out:

  • Have a look around the house and inside your closet and sort out everything that is not absolutely you, then give it to charity or to a friend. You’ll feel so liberated!
  • Meditation time. Not sure how to? Download my “Feel-Good”-Meditation for free!


20 minutes of relaxation:

  • Take a nap. 20 minutes of sleep or rest are the optimum amount of time to recharge during the day.
  • Go for a brisk walk outside to work that body and feel alive!


30 minutes of self care:

  • Take a bath and relax. Light a candle, make it special!
  • Read a book for pleasure and delight in that simple luxury.


60 minutes of bliss:

  • Get a massage. You’re worth it!
  • Have a nice long chat with a friend. Agree to only talk about the good things in your lives, it will make you feel amazing!


I hope this has whet your appetite for some pleasurable time! 

Let me know how you get on by commenting below or on facebook! Love, Lily