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Shamanism - What is it really and is it for me?

Hello lovelies! 

It is my impression that most people have only a vague idea of what shamanism is. As it is an important and joyous part of my life and a true gift that I wish many more to receive, and as I get many questions about what it is that I do, I will try to give an answer from my individual standpoint here.

Shamanic practices are human kind’s oldest medicine. They are as ancient as we are as a species. What doctors are today, shamans have been for thousands of years. Shamans however are true healers and it is very fortunate that interest in shamanism is growing stronger once more, because our medical system is largely shaped by pharmaceutical companies who do not have our health in mind but their own profit. Shamanism provides a real alternative, especially as it does not only cure symptoms, like most pills will do, but heals the core of the issue. Shamanism can bring health to our body, calmness to our minds, joy to our hearts and magic to our lives.

How? There are many different shamanic practices from all around the world, but the most common is a journey to the other world or non ordinary reality. It is a world that is just as real as the ordinary reality we live in most of the time, only it is hidden by a veil. The veil is called unconsciousness and it is dark and heavy in our time, but slowly lifting, as more and more people recall that there is much more to this life than meets the eye. We can draw insight into every aspect of our lives through the shamanic journey.

Does this sound too abstract? Imagine the shamanic faculty to be similar to your imagination. To imagine things is often understood as inventing something, the truth however, that it reveals something, that was already there before. The canvas of your imagination is inside you. It is the same with the shamanic journey. The drum puts us into a slight trance, which helps us to see what is already there. Energy is all around us and the trance helps us to use healing energies to our advantage.

Now we have two options, we can either go to see a shaman to bring about our healing, or we learn how to undertake shamanic journeys ourselves. Because although it is true that someone whose calling it is to be a shaman, does not only seek to heal themselves but others too, it is also true that anyone can learn how to bridge the worlds so as to work on their own pain. All you need in the beginning is an experienced shaman and some practice. Shamanism puts all the power back into your own hands.

Here are some examples of what you can do when you travel to the other world:

* Talk to your higher self, who is all-powerful and all-loving and knows what you really need and how you can get it

* Find power animals and spirit guides to help you with specific issues like a lack of love in your life or chronic headache or any other topic concerning your health and happiness

* Go back to specific moments in your past to heal what happened there

* Ask advice when faced with a difficult decision or when you want to get rid of habits like smoking

And so much more! There is really no limit to what you can do and learn.

Now I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic! What issues in your life do you think shamanism could help you with? Please feel free to ask any question in the comments below!

The drum - an indispensable shamanic tool

The drum - an indispensable shamanic tool