Shamanic Yoga


Shamanic Yoga - Access your inner knowing and innate beauty & power through yoga, shamanism and feminine mystical practices

What is Shamanic Yoga?

Shamanism has traditionally been a field inaccesible to most. To become a shaman and practice this most ancient art of holistic healing, initiations that were not for the faint of heart and long years apprenticeship and training were necessary. Even now, at a point in time where shamanic knowledge is for the first time handed down in a much more open way and received by many, the threshold is still high. I felt so blessed after my own initiations into holistic and celtic shamanism. There, finally, I had found an approach that had all the anwers. Because it enabled me to access myself!

Shamanism has nothing to do with religion or belief, it is knowledge. Knowledge that can be found in each and every one of us. Knowledge about who we really are, what we really want and how to create just that. How it works is so simple: You listen to drums and fall into a slight trance. Specific knowledge about what to do and where to go within yourself enables you to enter specific places and access specific energies. Once you know the rules, there's little you can't do. Healing body, mind, heart and soul and creating your hearts desires - you finally hold the power in your own hands.

The Lover/Dancer - An expression of feminine body bliss

The Lover/Dancer - An expression of feminine body bliss

I wondered how I could make it all more accessible. When I met my first shamanic teacher, I was in India, getting certified as a Hatha yoga teacher. As I started to practice both yogic and shamanic practices each day, I could see how they informed and complemented each other. I found that after practicing yoga, I was more open to the shamanic practices and yoga in turn helped me to integrate the knowledge and insight I had gained through shamanism.

One part of Shamanic Yoga is to sequence shamanic and yogic practices so that they become accessible even to beginners, because one world opens the other. The second part is a combination of shamanic and yogic wisdom into powerful practices like shamanic meditations and shamanic asana. I have created Shamanic Yoga to empower women, and my work is infused with elements from feminine mystical practices.

I can teach you how to undertake shamanic journeys by first practicing meditation, asana and pranayama, which also have great benefits in themselves. I feel that yoga primarily takes care of the body and mind, while shamanism digs even deeper and heals heart and soul. Shamanic Yoga is a beautiful dance that I invite you to dance with me! Shamanic Yoga will give you all the knowledge and practices you need to create a beautiful life for yourself! 

This is an invitation to fall in love with yourself! Learn how to feel blissed out within your body, to live in your heart and to reconnect to your inner knowing and your innate beauty and power! Let me support you and be inspired by our women's circle to express yourself in the world in a deeply satisfying way! Let's retrieve our sacredness and weave it back into our daily lives. Let's celebrate being women together! Are you ready to step into your power?

The doors to the Shamanic Yoga Transformation, my group coaching program, are open again! Get all the information here!  If you want to explore Shamanic Yoga first,  join us in the facebook group for lots of free guidance and insights! <3

The Huntress - embodied feminine power and connectedness

The Huntress - embodied feminine power and connectedness