Shamanic Yoga


Shamanic Yoga - Access your inner knowing and innate beauty & power through yoga, shamanism and feminine mystical practices


Step 1: Join the Shamanic Yoga Sisters Circle for tons of free practices for body, mind, heart & soul!

Step 2: Take the powerful Shamanic Yoga Initiation for free! 3 days to set an intention and learn how to consciously let go of what does not serve you anymore and welcome in what you want to experience instead! (Make sure you have joined the Shamanic Yoga Sisters Circle first, otherwise this won’t work for you!) Click here to get started!

Step 3: Join the Shamanic Yoga Transformation! This is where it gets really exciting. Learn how to access yourself on the deepest level during shamanic journeys, explore & strenghten your womanhood, move your body & delight in yourself. Click here to get all the infos and fill out your application form!


Step 3: Apply for 30 days of 1:1 coaching with me! You get access to all the Shamanic audio and video content as needed + 4 private calls with me + 2 shamanic healing sessions. This is custom tailored, heartfelt support and the availability is limited. Please click here to book a call with me to make sure we are a great fit for working together! (If you are a member of the Shamanic Yoga Transformation there’s no need for this chat since we already know each other!)

Shamanic Healing Sessions

Lie down and relax while I travel the shamanic realm for you. We work on the root cause of any challenge you are facing. Here I can do the big magic, like soul retrievals and extractions, cord cuttings and much more. We start each session with a private chat and then you can just lie down while I work on you and drift into sleep while transformation is set into motion. We check in the next day to see how you are doing. I recommend booking 3 sessions, since I cannot go in and work on EVERYTHING I find, since that would overwhelm your system. Let’s do this gently and thorougly! Click below to book your sessions and then drop me a line to schedule them!

Click here to book 1 session for 97€

Click here to book 3 sessions for 197€

This was a small group healing session in Findhorn

This was a small group healing session in Findhorn

Find your calling & Grow your Business

Shamanic Yoga is a modality that can be used for even more than self-care. Teaching you how to access and own your unique beauty & power is the first step I feel called to serve you with. The second one is to help you shine those gifts out into the world through your calling.

Together with Jessa Hargrove, I have created a 3 week course for you that will help you to find your calling and teach you how to start creating a heartfelt business out of it. If you feel that its time to discover & own your unique beauty & power and earn money by simply being you, click here to find out more!

If you already know what your calling is but you are wondering how to make a living out of it, you are ready for 1:1 business mentoring with me! This is where I can give you custom tailored support to create a business you love and that pays the bills too. As a first step, I want to know all about you and your calling to make sure we are a great fit for working together. Book your call with me here! Once I have given you the ok, you can secure your spot to work with me by setting up your payment here.

This is what my workspace often looks like!

This is what my workspace often looks like!