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Shamanic Yoga - Access your inner knowing and innate beauty & power through yoga, shamanism and feminine mystical practices

Shamanic Yoga in Findhorn

Beautiful community! ♥

I invite you to join me for an immersive month this coming June! We will meet every Saturday and Sunday afternoon (exact dates and times below) in the sunshine room. Each 90 minute session consists of a gentle asana practice suitable for all levels, a breathing practice, a shamanic meditation or shamanic journey and a round of circle sharing. By the end of the course you will be able to undertake shamanic journeys for yourself to seek guidance and healing from your power animals and spirit guides!

The course includes meditations and breathing practices as audio files that you can use in between our meetings as a daily practice and keep using after the course is over!

The asana practice will stay the same throughout the course, so that you can get used to the postures and sequence and reap all the benefits and continue to practice by yourself once the course is over. Here are more details about the shamanic meditation or shamanic journey and the daily practice in between our meetings:

Week-end 1:

Session 1 (Saturday 8th of June 4:30-6pm): Shamanic Meditation “From the Mind into the Heart” <3 (This is where you learn how to really live in your heart instead of being caught up in your mind! Mmmmh, what a relief!)

Session 2 (Sunday 9th of June 4:30-6pm): Shamanic Meditation: Let’s explore your heart-space even more with “Flower of the Heart”… Daily practice until session 3: a balancing breathing practice that will supply you with fresh energy! 🌞

Week-end 2:

Session 3 (Saturday 15th of June 4:30-6pm): Shamanic Meditation: Magnify and protect your personal energetic space. Breathing practice for joy on demand!

Session 4 (Sunday 16th of June 4:30-6pm): Shamanic Journey: Explore your gateway into the Shamanic Realm and meet its guardian. 🐺 Daily practice until session 5: Grounding - Connecting to the Earth is a powerful and simple process to let go of what does not serve you anymore and welcome in what will strenghten you! 🌳

Week-end 3:

Session 5 (Saturday 22nd of June 4:30-6pm): Shamanic Journey: Be reunited with your personal power animal, who will strenghten your essence and be your guide on your journeys! 🐴🐍🦋🦅

Session 6 (Sunday 23rd of June 4:30-6pm): Shamanic Journey: Inner child healing process: let’s create more ease and joy! Your Daily practice until session 7: a soothing breathing practice which will help you to integrate the healing into your system & experience deep, restorative sleep. 😴

Week-end 4:

Session 7 (Saturday 29th of June 5:30-7pm): Shamanic Journey: You will meet your spirit guide who will help you to enter the shamanic realm for yourself from now on! 🧚‍♀️

Session 8 (Sunday 30th of June 5:30-7pm): Shamanic Journey: Your inner home. Discover the place inside yourself where you are always at peace. This is where you can come on your journeys to seek guidance from your guides and resource yourself from your own love & light. 🌞

Bonus practice: audio recording of a template shamanic journey!

The energy exchange for this course is 350€ (£300), early bird is 300€ (£260). Click here to sign up!

The minimum number of participants is 5, the maximum is 10. Sign-up closes May 15th, early bird closes March 31st.

I teach this course online as well, so if you miss a live session, I can just send you all the course material as audio and video files and you can complete the session at home at your convenience! :) So don't let this stop you from signing up.

If you have not yet participated in any of the sessions in Findhorn or online and are not sure this is right for you, don't hesitate to get into my calendar for a free chat with me! Schedule your call here!

Please share this with your friends in the community who would also appreciate some nourishing time for themselves! I really look forward to connecting to you very soon and to spend relaxing time together! ♥

Love, Lilith

Shamanic Yoga session in Findhorn October 2018

Shamanic Yoga session in Findhorn October 2018