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Shamanic Yoga - Access your inner knowing and innate beauty & power through yoga, shamanism and feminine mystical practices

Find your Calling & Grow your Business

with Lilith Moon & Jessa Hargrove

This is your chance to bring about the transformation you’ve been longing for! Get clear on the heartfelt work you are meant to share with the world and find out how to do it in a way that really helps others, feels great and creates a generous living for you! This is your chance to save a ton of time, money and frustration on your path to becoming a successful entrepreneur!

Here’s what you get:

- 12 video trainings to complete in as little as 21 days or at your own, slower pace!

- Private facebook group to connect to others on the same path and ask your questions

- A yoga workout & guided meditations to repeat at leisure

- A step by step approach to start creating a business out of your calling

Part 1 - Make peace with who you are & nurture yourself

You are your business! We lay the foundation for your heartfelt work by creating peace within yourself and taking great care of you - body, mind, heart & soul!

Part 2 - Your calling

Now we are ready to discover what your unique beauty or power is, that gift that only you have and how you want to share that with the world! We will also boost your confidence and self-love so that you will actually dare to put yourself out there!

Part 3 - Grow your heartfelt business!

Learn what you need to grow your business the heartfelt way and how to really make a difference for others while earning a great living and enjoying your work to the fullest! Here are the elements we'll cover:

Your Niche as a seed: Find out who needs and wants your help!

Your USP as the ground: Let’s clarify what is unique about your business, for yourself and your clients!

Your Message as it's fertilizer: Learn how to talk to your people so that they feel aligned!

Your Community as the pot: Let’s spread the word and gather those who need you around you!

Watch this short video to get the details of everything we will cover:

Option 1: Self-study

- Get access to all the trainings and complete them at your leisure for an incredible 97€!

Option 2: VIP

- Get access to all the trainings and get 3 private coaching sessions (2 with Lilith and 1 with Jessa) for only 397€!

Join us now and don’t be fooled by the small investments, we chose it to make sure as many of you as possible can join, you’ll get so much value and the actual worth is priceless!

Ready to bloom? Choose your option by clicking here to sign up:



Here is what some of the participants are saying:

“Find your Calling and Grow Your Business is a powerful program. I am enjoying each session and I love that it can be taken when I am available. You know what I need before I even ask and I am truly grateful for that. Thank you for giving me 'Me' back. I forgot how much fun it is to just be Me!” - Dawn Broadwater

“To all who are considering this program, I can not recommend it enough! I was able to gain much clarity and insight while going through the program, and it was awesome having Lilith and Jessa to lean on the whole time. Do it!” - Jennifer Chenault

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I can’t wait to meet you and support you as you learn how to own your unique beauty & power and shine it out into the world! You so deserve to feel great being who you are & creating a living doing what you love!