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How to Flow with Life

Hello ladies!

What is life really all about? How does it all work? Is that a question you ask yourself sometimes? I want to share something with you that my friend Stuart said to me a while ago when we were sitting on the couch together. With his South African accent he said: “I have been searching for the answer for so long, and now I know how life works.” I felt like laughing, it sounded too simple. But knowing him, I waited, curious, and he went on: “You know, the thing is, you will never always feel good, and you will never always feel bad. So all you gotta do is remember that and just flow with life. You know what Jesus said more than anything else in the Bible? ‘Don’t worry.’ I mean, he said ‘Have faith’, but that’s what he meant: Don’t worry. It’s always just your thoughts that get in the way of all the good things that life has in store for us. You never know what will happen next. Life is just this amazing adventure and all you have to do is flow with it.”
How’s that for an answer? It sure inspired me. How often do we really say 'yes’ to life instead of saying 'no' or ‘but’? It is so easy to worry and plan, instead of just being present with what is in the moment and just softening into that. How about taking 5 minutes today to do nothing at all? Just sit with yourself, relax and see what happens. And then tell us how you did by commenting below!

Love, Lily

Just sit down and do nothing at all and you'll see how things get easier...

Just sit down and do nothing at all and you'll see how things get easier...