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5 top habits for happiness and ease NOW!

Hello friends!

Whatever we do in life, we really do because we want to be happy. Yet somehow, life often feels like a struggle. How can we change this? Here's a list of 5 easy things to do on a daily basis that will bring more ease and happiness into your life! Here you go:

  1. Make the first and the last hour of the day free of media!
  2. Drink more, and eat with care!
  3. Move a little every day!
  4. Every hour, on the hour, hold still for 40 seconds!
  5. Write down 3 things every evening that you are happy about or grateful for. 

So, what does that mean and how does it work? Well, all you really need to feel like things go easy and to be happy is having a lot of energy at your disposal and being conscious about it. If everything feels so hard, how can we enjoy life? And if we never hold still to truly realise what is happening, we cannot feel that we have cause to be happy! 

So, here goes, the first 3 things on our list provide us with more energy: 

1. Not sitting in front of the computer or working in general for the first hour after getting up in the morning will get you a relaxed start into your day and start you on YOUR own agenda and not someone else’s, which is exactly what happens if you open your email or read the paper first thing in the morning. This means less distraction, and a clear mind needs much less energy to run well. Taking yourself off the media for the last hour of the day means that you will go to sleep more easily and will have less to content to process in your sleep, so that your sleep will instead replenish your energy.

2. Moving every day for at least 30 minutes will bring energy into your body. This can be a yoga practice, going for a swim, briskly walking around outside or any other kind of healthy exercise.

3. Drinking enough water is so important, especially if you are pregnant or a breastfeeding mother! Place reminders about the house, install an app or buy a special drinking bottle you carry around with. Eat with care! Pay attention to what foods really nourish you, your body will tell you if you are ready to listen. Reduce sugar, add healthy vegetable oils and supplements like spirulina to your food, eat more nuts and fresh fruit and vegetables. How about a smoothie instead of coffee? You get the idea! ;)

The other two things on our list provide us with the second part of the equation: more consciousness! 

Positive habits make life so much more enjoyable!

Positive habits make life so much more enjoyable!

4. If you train yourself to be present in the moment for just 40 seconds every hour, you will bring a lot of awareness into your life. Simply close your eyes and observe your breath. Where can you feel your breath? In your chest, your belly, at the tip of your nose? Feel it entering and leaving your body. Whenever you think something, observe that thought, with an attitude of interest. “Aha, this is what I am thinking. Interesting.” Then let the thought go by simply coming back to observing your breath. 40 seconds will be approximately 10 breaths. Do that each hour or simply as often as you look at a watch or just whenever you recall to do it and you will be amazed how much consciousness and therefore happiness you bring into your life. Try it right now! Close your eyes and breathe!

5. By writing down 3 things every day before bedtime that you feel happy about or grateful for, you become conscious of all the things in your life that are great already. We tend to focus on our problems instead of our riches and thereby create more of what we do not want. This simple exercise will turn things around and you will see quickly how all of a sudden you get more of those great things life has to offer. What you write down can be as great as appreciating the fact that you have a partner who loves you, or as simple as having heard a bird sing or the fact that you had time to take a bath today or to help a friend. To make sure that you follow through with this exercise, just put a little journal next to your bed. There is nothing better than falling asleep to good thoughts, it will make your dreams ever so sweet!

I hope you will enjoy these little experiments and make daily healthy habits out of them that will make your life simpler and more enjoyable every day!

Lots of love, Lily