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How Shamanic Journeys Connect Pregnant Women With Their Babies

Hello ladies!

We carry our babies inside of us for 9-10 months. Yet it is a simple truth that communication with them might seem limited. It can be hard to imagine who your baby is without seeing him or her. Yet there is a way that is so enjoyable and will connect you and your baby on the deepest level and guarantee a great start into your life together! Anybody who can dream and imagine can learn shamanic journeying, all that is needed are some instructions and training!


Here’s how it works: During a shamanic journey, you are put into a slight trance by listening to the rhythm of drums. This is old as time and feels very familiar to most people once they try it. Then you are lead onto a journey to the other world, which is a place that you can access from inside of you. Here you get to know your own power animals and spirit guides who will be able to help you with any problem or quest you have. They are simply energies that you perceive as having a specific form.

If you have trouble imagining how all of this works, just imagine dreaming while being aware of the fact that it’s dream. You walk through fantastic landscapes and can take conscious action. It’s pretty amazing! And during pregnancy, you can actually meet your baby! You will see his or her higher self, just like you are your higher self during a shamanic journey. (You’re asking yourself what your higher self is? It’s who you are without your persona, you’re most bright and shiny you.) This means you can talk to your baby, tell him or her all you want and ask questions too! You can sing and dance and play together and build a real relationship before your baby is born. How cool is that?

If you are wondering now how you can learn shamanic journeying, I’ve got great news: it’s easy! During my Shamanic Pregnancy Yoga Program I will lead you on guided journeys, it's safe and easy, fun and magic!

If you have any questions or comments about this, please don’t hesitate to comment below or send me an email!

All the love to you and your baby, Lily