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How to establish a rewarding yoga practice in 6 easy steps!

Hello beautiful lady!

Do you feel like yoga could be for you but you don’t know where to start to actually do it? Or do you already do yoga from time to time but would like to make it a part of your life to maximise the benefits? Get a pen and paper ready and read on, this is for you! Here’s a guide on how to easily develop a practice that will nourish you body, mind and soul!

Yoga is ease

Yoga is ease

1. BE CLEAR ABOUT YOUR GOAL. What is it you want your practice to help you with? Is your goal to create a healthy pregnancy? Or to calm your mind and get clear on what you want from your life? Do you feel stressed a lot and want to calm down? Or do you feel tired a lot and are in need of new energy? Do you want to become more present with your children so you can experience more joy with them? Write down what your goal is.

2. CHOOSE A YOGIC PRACTICE that fits your goal. Here are the three yogic practices that are very accessible to beginners and what they can help you with:
First of all, there is asana, the body postures. They are a great way to get rid of all kinds of bodily aches and feel strong and comfortable in your body. There are relaxing types of asana like Yin Yoga or energising ones like Bikram Yoga and many other types with specific aspects. Choose one that suits your goal.
Then there is pranayama, the breathing exercises, which are the perfect tool to balance your hormones, nervous system and emotions. Just like asana, you can use pranayama to feel more energetic or to calm down, depending on the particular pranayama you choose. Pranayama is especially suited to those who feel that meditation would be great for them but they feel it’s too difficult to achieve a rewarding practice.
And then there is meditation, which is a wonderful way to arrive in the present moment, to reset your whole life and start fresh. Meditation is for you if you feel that you don’t get enough down time in your life and feel stressed.

3. DECIDE HOW OFTEN AND HOW LONG YOU WANT TO PRACTICE.  I recommend a short daily practice so you will quickly create lasting results and a longer practice once or twice a week. For example, meditate 10 minutes each day and do a 60-minute asana workout once a week.

4. DECIDE WHEN TO PRACTICE. If you are a morning person, wake up early and have time then, that might be the best time of the day for you. If you are in need of an energy kick in the afternoons, an energising practice might be it for you at that time of the day. If you are a bad sleeper, a relaxing practice just before going to bed might be best.

5. DECIDE WHERE TO PRACTICE. Do you want to practice in a group setting at a yoga studio or alone at home with a DVD or online class? Or meet up with friends to practice at someone’s home or in a park? What motivates you most? What works best for you and your family?

6. MAKE IT A HABIT.  It takes at least 21 days of continued action to make form a new habit. If you keep it up for that amount of time, it gets so much easier afterwards! You will just do it, like brushing your teeth, and the benefits will have become so obvious to you, you will do it gladly.

Here you go, it’s that easy! Here’s another tip: I recommend you start small so as not to risk overwhelm, we want more ease through yoga, not more stress! Forget about perfection, start with small steps and thank yourself for investing in YOU. And the most important thing: Start NOW. There’s no time like today! ;) Have fun and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need further help along your path!

Love and light to you, Lily