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5 top habits for a great pregnancy!

Hello ladies!

Even more than usually, we need to take great care of ourselves during pregnancy. To be healthy and happy when pregnant, we need to take great care of our bodies and energetic resources and we need to become present with our feelings and state of mind. Pregnancy is a great time in our lives to introduce healthy habits into our schedule, our increased consciousness, health and happiness will benefit our baby too and we will be able to make a close connection to him or her from the start! Here’s a list of 5 things to implement into your day that will help you do just that with ease!

1. Relax more!
2. Drinking and eating with awareness
3. Do Yoga!
4. 40 seconds mindfulness exercise
5.  Keep a gratitude journal!

Here we go in more detail:


1. Relax more! Growing a human being inside of us is a full time job in itself, so we need to cut back on work and stress. We need our rest and relaxation now for a healthy pregnancy and safe birth. Here’s two crucial points: Not sitting in front of the computer or working in general for the first hour after getting up in the morning will get you a relaxed start into your day. Do the same before going to bed. If you spend the last hour of the day doing something relaxing and not looking at a screen, you will go to sleep more easily and will have less to process in your sleep, so that your sleep will instead replenish your energy.

2. Drinking and eating with awareness. Your eating habits change during your pregnancy. You will eat more and ideally these extra calories come from a healthy source. Be mindful about what to eat and when to stop eating. Most important of all: drink lots of water or unsweetened herbal tea, at least two glasses more than you normally do.

3. Do Yoga! Moving every day for 20-30 minutes will bring energy into your body, keep you from gaining extra weight and make you feel alive! Make it gentle and enjoyable. Yoga is perfect for pregnancy, it will make it easy for you to be present with yourself and your baby and take great care of your body.

4. 40 seconds mindfulness exercise. If you train yourself to be present for just 40 seconds every hour, you will bring a lot of awareness into your life, which will in turn help in making better decisions for you and your baby and will increase the joy and ease you feel in your life. Simply close your eyes and observe your breath. Where can you feel your breath? In your chest, your belly, at the tip of your nose? Feel it entering and leaving your body. Whenever you think something, observe that thought, with an attitude of interest. “Aha, this is what I am thinking. Interesting.” Then let the thought go by simply coming back to observing your breath. 40 seconds will be approximately 10 breaths. Do that each hour or simply as often as you look at a watch and you will be amazed at the results! Try it now, just close your eyes and breathe!

5. Keep a gratitude journal! By writing down 3 things every day before bedtime that you feel happy about or grateful for, you become conscious of all the things in your life that are great already. We tend to focus on our problems instead of our abundance and therefore create more of what we do not want. This simple exercise will turn things around and you will see quickly how all of a sudden you get more of those great things life has to offer. What you write down can be as simple as having heard a bird sing or the fact that you had time to take a bath today. To make sure that you follow through with this exercise, just put a little journal next to your bed. There is nothing better than falling asleep to good thoughts, it will make your dreams ever so sweet!

I hope you will enjoy these little experiments and make daily healthy habits out of them that will make your life more enjoyable every day. You will soon realise that you are living each day more fully and will remember your pregnancy in much more detail later! I would be ever so happy if you tell me your experiences with it by leaving a comment below. Thank you for being a part of my life!

Lots of love,