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Happiness through relationships

Dear friends!

My son and I have just spent two fabulous months in Thailand! Now we are back in Vienna and in looking back it is obvious to me what the best part of our trip was and it's not the sun or the sea, and not even the wonderful chocolate smoothie you see us enjoy in the picture below. It was the wonderful people we met and the way our relationship has blossomed.

I left Vienna because I felt so isolated and guess what, only 10 days into our trip we stumbled into a lively community of online entrepreneur families! They met at a resort, each family having their own bungalow, sharing time and food and laughter with each other as a community for weeks or even months. They welcomed us instantly and we had the best time exchanging stories and advice about business and family, babysitting each others kids and going to restaurants and beaches together. It was so good to be surrounded by like-minded people and to know that there is always someone around who you can rely on or talk to. And it didn’t only lift my spirit, my baby boy Lou was so much more relaxed and happy when we spent part of the day with other friendly people as supposed to being just the two of us.

Have a look at this. It is the outcome of a 80-year-harvard-study, showing clearly that what contributes most to our health and happiness isn’t money or success, it is close relationships.

So here’s to you: Are you really happy?
What state is your health in?

If you feel that you could do with more health and happiness, taking a close look at your relationships is a good investment in yourself. Do you have enough people in your life who you feel close to, who you can share joy and sorrow with? If yes: Do these people know how much you value them? What could you do today to show them your appreciation?
If no: Go out and look for new relationships. You could for example start with your neighbours if you don’t know them yet. How about ringing their bell sometime to introduce yourself? You could join a group on facebook, talk to someone at your favourite café or someone sitting on the same bench in the park.
There’s so many ways to meet new people and to strengthen existing ties. And of course there's the most important relationship of all: The one you have with your child! Does he or she know that they are the most precious thing to you in the world? How can you show them?

I look forward to your comments below and wish you and your loved ones the very best, Lily