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Stop lying to yourself

Hello friends!

As always I want to talk about our happiness and health with you. Today’s aspect of it is quite hard to swallow but essential, so keep on reading until the end!

Ask yourself now, how often you use how little time or money you have as an excuse not to do or have what you want. The typical phrase set-up looks something like this: “I can’t do/have (insert thing you’d like to do or have), because (insert excuse like money or time).” A typical situation would be this: “I can’t take time today to do my yoga because I have a dead line at work” or “I can’t go on holiday now although I would really need a rest, because I don’t have enough money.”

The truth of all of those phrases is that they are only true because you make them so. What you must realise is that you will always be right about what you tell yourself. If you tell yourself that you don’t have the money or time to do what you’d like to do, then that will be true for you. You will find very logical arguments that no one will want to contradict. What you are doing is looking for all the ways in which it can’t work out.

But imagine now that you’d do the opposite and look for all the ways in which it could work. Imagine telling yourself that you do have the money and time, that everything that seems like an obstacle now will melt away. If you decide that you are worth doing what you like to do, then trust me, it will be possible to do it, whatever it might be.

I have often decided to do things that my friends or family thought were impossible or out of reach for themselves. I wasn’t able to do that stuff because I had more time or money, but just because I decided to do them. Decide on what you want to do and then you will notice all the little steps to take that will make it possible, pathways will appear where none were before.

To prove my point in a rather drastic way: If a stranger were to come to your door, holding a gun to your head and told you that you had to go on a holiday now or he’d shoot you, do you think you could manage to take some time off? And what now if this were true? If you really are compromising the quality of your life by not taking your own needs and wants seriously? Because that is most probably the case.
The question to ask yourself now is: “Do I want to be right by proving over and over what I can’t do or have or do I want to be happy?”

So, stop lying to yourself by pretending that you are not worth your own time or money. Ask yourself: “What can I do right now that will make me feel good?” And then do it! And repeat.

Wishing you lots of wonderful moments taking great care of yourself, love, Lily