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How to Create Miracles

Hello to all you beautiful women!

Christmas is almost upon us! What is this time of the year like for you? I see a lot of people feeling stressed about presents and trying hard to live up to their family’s expectations. For me, the end of the year is about becoming conscious of what I want to let go of and what I want to hold on to and what new wonders I want to welcome into my life. I try to slow down, not do much, just to chill at home and feel into who I need to become to be able to live the life I want to live. What was good this year? How can I nourish that more and bring more of it into my experience? What habits and beliefs do not serve me anymore? Is it time to let them go? To ask these questions is even more important as pregnant women and mothers, because our children benefit or suffer from the things we create.

This is also an excellent time of the year to start to think big. Have you been living small until now? What else is possible for you? There are thousands of people who do not need food to survive and thrive on sunlight, there are mothers who suddenly have superpowers when their kid is in danger, there are people who get paid to live in their dream house and there are those delicious, mind-blowing, heart-stopping, life altering moments, like when two bodies and souls meet in love and both are conscious of being one.
Don’t you want more of these miracles in your life? I sure do! Let this Christmas be the time you start to consciously create them! It is really quite simple: Miracles are created when intention and attention come together. So you see, when you set an intention of what you want and put your attention onto that for an extended period of time, you can create anything you want!

The milky way.... What a miracle life is!! <3

The milky way.... What a miracle life is!! <3

Here’s the process broken down into easy steps:

1. Ask yourself now: What is it that I want for the next year? Write your vision down in a few sentences in the present. Be precise!
2. Decide what you want to let go of that will make space for this new thing or state of being to come into your life. Write what you let go of onto a piece of paper and burn it by the flame of a candle.
3. For at least 21 days, just after getting up in the morning, spend 5 minutes each day writing down a short version of what you welcome into your life and really feel into that. Then ask yourself what you can do on that specific day to make it happen by your thoughts, emotions or actions. Write that underneath and do it! The focus is  on drawing it into your life with ease by showing the universe through this practice that you are ready for it.

Here’s an example from my own life:

1. In 2018 I move to a warm country and set up a wonderful home base there. This particular place is everything I need and more! It is filled with light and so beautiful! It is minimalistic, comfortable luxury and I love every detail about it! It is peacefully set in nature, yet close to everything I need for my daily life to be full of ease and fun and there are many kindred souls nearby who we can share our lives with.
2. I write “I let go of trying to run away from my fears by moving around too much” onto a piece of paper and burn it.
3. Every day for 21 days, I spend 5 minutes in the mornings, each day anew writing down: “In 2018 I move to a warm country and set up my wonderful home base there.” Then I close my eyes and feel what it is like to live this dream already. Then, each day anew, I decide what I can do to make it welcome. One day for example I could paint my vision, one day I could talk to someone I know who already has their dream home to get the feeling of it, one day I could dance to a song that makes me feel like I’m home already, one day I could watch a film set in a beautiful landscape - you get the idea! You can be very creative with this and have fun! Once I have decided what to do on that day, I write it beneath my goal and then do it.

Let me know how you are doing by commenting below!
I wish you a wonderful Christmas time and many miracles in 2018!

Love, Lily