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Out of Your Mind - Shamanic Grounding Ritual

My dear ladies!

In our societies, we tend to live inside our heads. Yet our mind is only one out of four main aspects of who we are. If the mind is taking over our heart, body and soul, life becomes stressful and meaningless. We need the heart energy to feel joy and love, we need our body to be engaged so that we can feel alive and can experience the wonder of our senses and we need to be in touch with our soul, to feel purpose and true connection. Shamanic grounding is a simple and ancient practice that helps us to get out of our heads and into our bodies and will engage heart and soul as well. Connected to Mother Earth we will feel strong, safe and beautiful. 

Mother Earth - she carries and strenghtens us <3

Mother Earth - she carries and strenghtens us <3

First read and internalise the instructions, then take about 5 minutes to do the exercise:
Stand with your legs a bit more than hip width apart, the arms are hanging loose at your sides, your eyes closed. Feel your feet on the floor and your legs strong. Now imagine a stream of brightly coloured energy coming from the earth’s core and flowing up through your legs, into your belly, heart and spine and from there into your whole body. Feel how the earth carries and strengthens you. With every breath you take in, you draw up that energy and feel yourself becoming more and more grounded and energised. Every time you breathe out, imagine a dusty, grey coloured stream of energy flowing away from your body and back into the ground. You are letting go of everything that holds you back from feeling safe, happy and connected to everything that strengthens you. See in your mind’s eye all of your fatigue, physical pains, all the stress and worries glide back into the earth, where they are transformed into new, joyful energy at the earth’s core and flow back to heal you. Don’t force your imagination, just feel what happens and let this be easy and enjoyable. Continue for as long as you like and then ease back into your day, feeling powerful and connected to the Earth and yourself.

Now, how did that feel? This exercise is so simple, yet you will find the benefits to be many, especially if you make this ritual part of your day. I find it especially beautiful in the morning and find it helps me to truly land within this new day and to be ready to receive the gifts it holds for me.

Let me know how this exercise is working out for you, I’m always happy to read from you!

Love, Lilith