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Energised & Relaxed in 5 Minutes!

Hello my ladies!

Winter is here and we feel more tired. And pregnancy and motherhood can be very tiring even under the sun! It's a great time to learn a simple yogic breathing exercise that has astounding effects. After a few minutes of practicing Ujjayi Pranayama you will feel truly energised and deeply relaxed at the same time! It is simple, you just need 5 minutes of quiet time to yourself.

Let's go: First take note of how you feel right now. Then sit with your spine straight and your eyes closed, breathing calmly through the nose. Now to start the exercise, you constrict the muscles in your throat, imagine squeezing your air pipe. When you breathe slowly in and out now, you should produce a sound similar to slight snoring. You will automatically breathe more slowly and take in more oxygen by breathing in this way and you will focus entirely on your breathing, your mind becoming still.

If you find it tricky to get it right, imagine that you breathe through a little hole in your throat, drawing air and and out through it. This is yoga at its best. Stillness and strength. Go ahead, try it now!

How did that feel? Compare how you felt before the exercise and how you feel now. Ujjayi Pranayama has many benefits, it calms the nervous system, thereby reducing stress and calming the mind, bringing you instant peace and your baby shares all those benefits! A regular practice before going to bed will result in better sleep and you will feel more energised for the day ahead!

If you have any questions or want to tell me about your experience, please comment below or on facebook! I’m always here to help. Love and all the very best to you, Lily

At peace...

At peace...