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The Art of Self-Care

Hello beautiful women!

Today I want to talk to you about how to take great care of yourself. You might not feel very enthusiastic about that topic, and why would you? In our society we are taught to work hard and care about others first and that is supposed to make us happy. Here comes the truth: The only way to happiness is to fill your own cup first. Only if you have enough, can you share. Can you see why this is all the more important during pregnancy and as mothers? So, it is time you started to treat yourself a whole lot better! You deserve it!

I bet you look at your day now and think: I don’t have time to have fun! Here’s another secret nobody tells you about: If you don’t make time, you will never have it. If you don’t live now, you will never live.
Another truth is, that as soon as you prioritise your own needs and wants, you will not only have more fun, but more time, and more money, more friends, more good times with your family, more of everything that matters. Your dreams can indeed come true, but not by working your cute butt off, but by learning the art of self care.

The fact remains that habits are not easily changed. Our habits of self-neglect are deeply entrenched. I will share with you how I finally managed to fill my own cup first and how you can do it too:

1.) Write a list of everything that is fun to you and that nourishes you. It can include simple things like taking a relaxing bath, going for a walk, reading a book, painting and bigger things like traveling, going diving or sailing. Let your imagination go wild and write it all down.

2.) Put the list on a wall where you will always see it.


3.) Make it a habit to do one thing a day from your list. Schedule time in the mornings or evenings and take at least 15 minutes to yourself and your own pleasure. Go up to the list each day at the designated time and decide what it is you feel like doing. Follow through on this for at least 21 days, so that a new habit is truly created. At the end of these 3 weeks, you will see how good you feel and those around you too and I am pretty sure you will not want to stop!

Extra tip: If you think you might not follow through, get a close friend or your partner to ask you everyday in the evening whether you did your self care activity or not! That will help you to stay true to your intention of taking great care of yourself.

I look forward to hearing how you do below in the comments! I wish you all the very best, love to you, Lily