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The #1 method to silence your mind

Dear friends!

In my last blog post we discussed how there can be no happiness without presence. I want to follow up on this point now by sharing my all time favourite method of landing in the here and now with you. But first we have to realise that our biggest problem, the problem in fact, that creates all other problems, is that we have restless minds. We are continually talking to ourselves within our own heads. At least 95% of this talk is completely useless, wasted energy. Our minds should be used as a tool to think when we really need to, instead, our mind is using us. Our crowded, chaotic minds keep us from knowing ourselves. It is like this: If we don’t have a calm mind, then we cannot be present in the moment, if we are not present, we do not know ourselves, if we don’t know ourselves we cannot act according to what makes us happy and therefore we lead unfulfilling lives.

The only thing that leads to more happiness and taking control of our lives is to silence our minds. I want to share with you two simple steps to achieve this:

  1. The first step is to become aware of the fact that you are thinking. Make it a habit to close your eyes for 40 seconds or 10 full breaths every hour on the hour and then just watch your thoughts. You will realise how rambling and often negative they are. 
  2. When you have caught yourself thinking, you are ready for the second step: to silence these thoughts. To do this you can use a simple, yet very effective shamanic method by Lujan Matus. Simply close your eyes and let your breath become deep and slow. Then make your breath even slower, so slow in fact that you cannot hear it anymore. You will automatically take deeper breaths this way, which is a first signal to your mind to become still. Now listen to this breath that you cannot hear. You will feel your ears tingling slightly as they become focused on hearing something that makes no sound. If you find yourself thinking again, then you know that you are not listening anymore. Turn your focus back to listening to your silent breath.

Try these two steps right now, it is so easy and you will see for yourself that your mind is silenced right away. More silence means more happiness, don’t forget that!

I look forward to hearing about your experiences with this little exercise in happiness! Please feel free to post below! Sending you my love, Lily