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Why All Babies Are Yogis or The Art of Being Happy

Dear friends! 

I have not been in touch for a while because my baby is teething. He is 6 months old today and his first tooth just broke through! I have spent my days carrying him around, singing to him, continuously finding new things for him to chew on and listening compassionately to his moans and cries. It was a challenging time but very rewarding as well. I was forced to be present and that yielded some realisations, one of which I want to share with you today because it has got a lot to do with your life.

What is it that we all want? The answer is surprisingly simple and holds true for everyone: we want to be happy!

Now what is the key to happiness? Presence. When we live in the present moment, we are happy. Most of us however spend most of our time in thinking ourselves back into the past or projecting ourselves forward into an imagined future. Just ask yourself honestly: How much time do you spend thinking about what happened or imagining what will happen? And how much time do you actually spend where you are, right here, right now, feeling your body, being in touch with your emotions, not thinking, simply being?

Now being present and unhappy at the same time is not possible. It was evident that although my baby was in pain, he wasn’t unhappy. Babies are never unhappy, because they are always present. They become their emotions, they are not afraid but rather they are fear, they are frustration, they are happiness. But even when they are personified pain or any other emotion we adults would call negative, they are not unhappy, because being unhappy implies a notion for past and future, which babies do not have. This is why we love babies so much, why they charm us instantly, because all of their presence is in the here and now, they are fully with us and sharing all of themselves freely. 

This is why all babies are yogis. A yogi is someone who has mastered the art of being present and has therefore mastered the art of being happy. By reconnecting us to our bodies and breath, yoga teaches us to be in the moment. It calms our minds and opens our hearts. 

This is also why yoga is the perfect preparation for shamanic journeying. When we embark on a journey to the Other World to seek help or insight or healing, we need to be present and open so we can actually find it, which will in turn magnify our happiness.

Are you ready for more health and happiness? Are you ready to truly awaken to your own life?

Lots of love, Lily


PS: The yogi in the picture is my son Lou! :)