Shamanic Yoga


Shamanic Yoga - Access your inner knowing and innate beauty & power through yoga, shamanism and feminine mystical practices

Shamanic Yoga - A powerful way to create a life you love!

Both yoga and shamanism are very valuable tools in creating a life free of physical pain and emotional suffering, or at least as free as we can be as human beings! I’m serious, if I compare by life now to the way it was before yogic exercises and shamanic rituals became a daily must, I can only say that there is no comparison! I have real tools now to address any issue that life might present me with and these tools do not depend on thinking, which is in truth of very little help with problems like physical conditions and painful feelings. Yoga and shamanism provide us with a clear mind too so that we are finally able to see what it is that we truly want and how to get it! 

Now I want to tell you why I believe that the combination of those two arts of living is really unbeatable in creating a life you love. Yoga & Shamanism both give us access to the spiritual dimension, where we feel whole and worthy, light and happy. My own unique combination of Yoga & Shamanism is called Shamanic Yoga, and it is truly magical, because it prepares our bodies and minds for the shamanic journey through yoga! In our yoga practice we steady body & mind and open up our energetic pathways and gates so that we can then see and feel clearly once we enter the other world on a shamanic journey. The insight we gain this way through shamanism is then once more integrated into our self by the holistic aspect of yoga. Yoga helps us “digest” what we have learned on the journey and in this way the shamanic wisdom can flow into our lives without difficulty. This circle repeats itself as our lives become easier and happier! Many practices I have created include elements from shamanic and yogic practices, which makes them super charged to create ease and joy!

Now I would love to hear from you! What are the biggest issues you are dealing with in your life at the moment? What is most painful? What is missing? It is so important to get clear on that so things can change so I urge you to take a couple of minutes, think about this and write it down. And don’t forget that I am here for you so feel free to share your thoughts with me and I’ll be sure to write back!