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The Pleasure Practice


Namaste beautiful!

With the help of the following exercise  you will create a pleasure practice for yourself. This is a  simple yet powerful practice that will bring more pleasure into your life and will make you feel beautiful and pampered! Ready? Great, now make sure you have a quiet moment to yourself, then sit down comfortably with paper and pen. Here are the 4 easy steps of the powerful pleasure practice:

1. Taking a look at your life

Think about your daily life. Where are you at? What do you do and when do you do it? Once you get the picture, ask yourself this: What do you do that makes you feel bad? Which structures and activities create stress, worry or overwhelm in your life? 

2. Transforming stress into pleasure

It is now time to choose at least one structure or activity that creates stress or worry for you and transform it into something that feels nurturing and carefree. Ask yourself first: Is this structure or activity really a necessary part of my life or can I stop doing it, for example by delegating or redefining what I really need and want? 

If it is really necessary (careful, very few things in life really are!), then ask yourself next: How can I feel better while I do this? What specific element creates the negative feelings? Can you omit that element? What can you change so that this structure or activity will bring you joy and ease instead? 

Here's an example: Maybe you feel obligated to have sex with your partner but you don't really want to at all at the moment and that makes you feel bad. So is having sex a necessary activity? No, it isn't. Talk to your partner. Don't make excuses or accusations, just share your true feelings.

Another example: Maybe eating the right things creates stress for you at the moment. Do you have to eat? Yes! Do you have to eat cake every day and then feel bad? No! How about eating dates instead if it is the sugar you're craving? You get the idea!

3. Write a pleasure list

Write a list of all the things you like doing that make you feel happy, relaxed and beautiful. Whatever gives you pleasure! First, just write everything down that comes to mind, don’t censor yourself.

As a next step, choose those activities that take no longer than 10-20 minutes, so you can can keep it up as a daily practice even after the program if you like. If you are short on ideas, read the first part of this blog article!

4. Go for it girl!

Now make a commitment to actually do it! You deserve some pleasurable time!! Post your activities into the facebook group for accountability and to inspire the other women with your ideas! If you feel discouraged or stuck, post that too, I'm happy to help!

I recommend expanding this practice once this program is over into a daily activity. Doing at least one pleasurable thing for yourself each day will nurture you more than you can imagine now!

Lots of love and pleasure your way,