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Shamanic Yoga - Access your inner knowing and innate beauty & power through yoga, shamanism and feminine mystical practices

Beautiful woman!

I'm so happy to welcome you to the Shamanic Yoga Sisters Circle and to gift you this 7-day challenge! You'll learn exactly what it takes to create more of what you want and less of what you don't want! You'll learn how to go within, find out what you truly need, connect to your heart-space, nurture your self-love and more! To get the most out of this experience, make sure to really write your experiences and insights into the comments, this will help you to be more clear and to stand in your truth and it will inspire the other women to do the same! AND, I offer a free coaching call to all those who have completed the challenge and commented! :) <3 Whatever you struggle with at the moment or whatever you are yearning to create in your life right now, this can help! In just 7 days, your whole life can change, if you want it to! All the videos are short and sweet, transformational yes, yet pampering and easy! <3 Let's reconnect to our inner knowing, unique beauty and innate power! <3 Just click on the pink heading to access the video for that day! 


Day 1: Clarity

Here's where we take a good look at your life to see what does not work for you and how that is related to your relationship with yourself. Clarity about where we are at is the first step to create change! 


Day 2: What you want vs. what you truly need

Now that we know what we don't want, it's time to look at what we do want and especially at what we really need. Even more clarity, yay! :)


Day 3: The only thing we really need to face any challenge and create any dream!

A deep connection to our true self is all we need to access everything we want to be and experience! Learn more about it in today's video and share your thoughts and feelings with us, let's inspire each other! <3


Day 4: Out of your mind and into your heart <3

How can we create that deep connection? A good start is to get out of our wearisome, frantic thoughts and land in our heart space, where we can connect to who we really are and create a heartfelt intention for our life and that's what we'll do today! I will guide you on a shamanic meditation into your hearts-space! <3


Day 5: Self-love

Let's make sure that we actually feel deserving of what we want to create for ourselves by increasing and nurturing our self-love! Here's another beautiful guided practice for you! <3


Day 6: Commitment & community

For us to be able to reach any goal, we need to be commited. Our intention needs to be sustained by continuous attention and here's where the community factor comes in. Let's connect you to one another so that you will be lovingly held accountable to create what feels good to you. Sisterhood, yay! :) <3


Day 7: Stop stopping yourself! Here's how!

How often have you started something beautiful that you got so much out of and then you just stopped? Let's find out what sabotages us in our goals and make sure it doesn't happen anymore! 



Wow, what a journey! Thank you for going the distance, you are amazing! I look forward to hearing your experiences with this challeng in our women's circle! If you have any questions or need help, reach out to me at any time! Once you have completed the challenge you can book your free call with me here! I look forward to connecting to you 1:1! <3 Love,